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Consilium Wrap provides a global standard investment platform specifically designed for New Zealand financial adviser firms
and their clients.

Global technology,
built for New Zealand

Consilium brings you the latest custodial platform services. Partnering with FNZ, Consilium has used its scale and expertise to customise and deliver industry leading technology and a world-class Wrap solution to financial advisers and investors across New Zealand.

Consilium Wrap gives advisers the flexibility to build a suite of model portfolios or provide investors with bespoke offerings, with access to a market-leading independent provider of custodial services.

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Experience the difference

We believe in providing a custodial service that understands your business, creating greater efficiencies and increasing your value as an adviser.

Dedicated customer service team

Think of our client support team as an extension of your business. We simplify transacting, administration and reporting so your team can focus on what’s important – maximising the investment experience of your clients.

Flexibility and scalability

We understand that every business comes with different scale of clients and needs, and you need a solution that can be tailored to your needs. Consilium Wrap is a flexible platform that allow scale, customisation and opens you up to Consilium breath of solutions and services.

Investing into the future

We have invested extensively into the design and implementation of the platform, and we are committed to continuous upgrading and developments - so that advisers can be confident that they are receiving the latest technology and features.

Your transition team

Migrating your customers to a new custodial service provider sounds like a big task – and it is – but our dedicated transition team are highly skilled and have completed over 50 advisory firms to our platform.

We work with you to make the transfer process seamless.

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