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Whether you’re accumulating wealth or looking to start a retirement fund, a wrap account makes it easy to keep track of your investments. It documents your trades, deposits, withdrawals, dividends, taxes, and summarises them all in easy to access reports.

With 24/7 online access, you see your entire portfolio all in one place, at any time. But convenience is only part of the story. Accessing the power of FNZ's world leading custodial services technology, Consilium Wrap empowers you and your adviser to respond quickly to your changing needs and circumstances.

A wrap also keeps fees low. Your investments and those of thousands of investors like you go through Consilium Wrap, so costs are scaled, leaving more in your account. Consilium Wrap’s flexible architecture allows for multiple portfolios under one name with different fee arrangements for each portfolio. Reporting can be run collectively or individually for performance and valuations, and combined for tax. A wrap levels the playing field for individual investors.

Key benefits for investors on Consilium Wrap

Sophisticated architecture

Investors can have multiple sub-accounts under one portfolio. These sub-accounts are combined for tax reporting, making it easier to complete tax returns, but performance and valuation reporting can be run collectively or individually. This structure provides the flexibility to have different fee arrangements for each sub-account, depending on which investments are held within them.


Online access at any time

Consilium Wrap has an easy to use online access facility. This allows investors to view up to date information about their portfolio at any time, including valuation, performance and transactional information. Advisers can also post regular reports to this facility, dramatically reducing the need for paper copies and filing.


Institutional level pricing

Consilium Wrap allows investors to access a wide range of investments in multiple currencies, including managed funds and listed shares, often at discounted prices.

Term deposit facility

Investors can access a range of term deposit providers and can change between providers on maturity with ease. This facility is available at a discounted administration fee.

Consilium Wrap working for you

When you open a wrap account, it becomes a single place to keep track of and manage all the different assets you hold. Consilium Wrap involves three main parties: Consilium, FNZ and FNZ Custodians.

Consilium supports advisers and their investors, drives technological enhancement and provides a technical support team. FNZ provides the investment administration and reporting. FNZ Custodians provides safe custody of assets, through world leading custodial services.

As part of the custodial arrangement, FNZ Custodians Limited holds investors’ money as trustee of a bare trust. Only the beneficial owners of the monies have access (the investors). This access is through their adviser, who instructs the custodian via Consilium Wrap.

When investors join Consilium Wrap they should receive custodian reports directly from the custodian every six months. The reports should only be sent to the investor, although advisers will have access to a copy. The custodian report is a legally required statement of the investor's holdings, transactions, fees and income and is delivered in January and July each year.

More about how Consilium Wrap works

An introduction to customer login

My Consilium Wrap is an easy and intuitive way to view your portfolio holdings, transactions and documents.

Watch this short preview as an overview of how your portfolio would look on Consilium Wrap.

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Getting started with Consilium Wrap

Talk to your financial adviser to discover more about what a wrap can do for you.

Your adviser will help you with opening an account and transferring your existing investments into your Consilium Wrap account.

Once done, you can easily access your account online to view all of your investments and transactions in the one place.

Find a financial adviser — To join New Zealand’s fastest growing wrap we can put you in touch with a Consilium Wrap specialist adviser.

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