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Consilium provides independent advisers with access to an enterprise level wrap platform.

About Consilium

Consilium is a Funds Management and Administration firm that serves professional financial advisory practices in New Zealand and Australia.

Offering a wide range of innovative solutions for independent financial adviser practices and financial institutions, Consilium provides efficiencies and support so advisers can spend their time where it is most valuable – with their clients.

Consilium provides independent advisers with access to an enterprise level wrap platform, with technology provided by FNZ Limited and custody provided by FNZ Custodians Limited. We support over 140 different firms managing $8 billion in assets, a significant growth since the launch of Consilium Wrap in 2015. Working in partnership with FNZ, we are able to provide the services, training and support advisers need to discover the full benefit of Wrap.

Consilium is one of FNZ's fastest growing wrap platform partners, and the first to bring the most advanced global wrap technology to New Zealand to support independent advisers.

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NZ$8 billion funds under administration
Advice firms supported in New Zealand and Australia
We’re trusted by over 400 financial advisers
Providing solutions to over 15,000 investors

There are a number of reasons why Consilium
has had so much success working with independent advisers.


Consilium has worked with FNZ on the development and delivery of many aspects of the wrap platform to ensure the experience is optimised for independent advisers and their clients. In 2022, Consilium was the first New Zealand company to roll out an improved wrap platform based on the most recent technology FNZ has deployed globally. An implementation of this technology can cost new FNZ platform providers upwards of $10m NZD. Consilium, through its relationship with FNZ’s global office, secured this upgrade on behalf of all advisers using Consilium Wrap.


Consilium began life within an independent advisory firm, and several of the senior managers have owned, run and advised within independent firms. We understand the needs of independent advisers. It is for this reason we put no constraints on what advisers can use in their portfolios, and we work with advisers to add new options at every request.


Collaboration and service

Consilium consistently advocates for our clients. We work to understand the needs and concerns of the adviser and their clients document these issues and champion improvements. We are able to provide the services, training and support advisers need to gain the full benefit of the wrap. This includes access to the Consilium Training Centre and our experienced customer service team, ensuring advisers and administrators can use Consilium Wrap with confidence and efficiency.


Value added services

In addition to Consilium Wrap, Consilium has developed a wide range of resources to support the running and growing of an advisory practice. These include investment research and due diligence, advice processes and documentation, client engagement, marketing, client communication, compliance, CRM, cashflow modelling and succession planning. Consilium is a great partner when looking to start, grow or transition a business. We are here to help our clients run more successful business.


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Our solutions

KiwiSaver Scheme

KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme enables advisers to construct and manage personalised KiwiSaver portfolios, and integrate these seamlessly with non-KiwiSaver assets for a total client advice service.

Synergy Investments

Synergy gives you access to a range of investment portfolios that are expertly managed based on recommendations from industry leading investment professionals.

Investment Funds

Evidential Investment Funds access evidence based investment solutions from world leading international fund managers and offer the selected strategies in New Zealand as Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs).

Partner Services

Consilium offers a personalised range of services to help advisers grow their businesses. Partner Firm advisers have access to a full suite of diversified investment strategies along with comprehensive tools, templates, coaching and a community of likeminded colleagues.